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Our products include everything that comes under the umbrella of hairdresser and salon accessories. These include shears, razors, tool pouches, backpacks, aprons, salon gowns and apparel. All our products promise longevity, functionality, comfort and a fine finish.

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Hair scissors, barber scissors, cutting scissors and barber shears -- oh my! Whether you're starting out on your hair-cutting journey, or you're a seasoned barber with years under your belt, you'll likely know the importance of scissors. However, choosing a pair of shears can be daunting. With a legion of hairdressing scissors on the market -- specifically made for cutting hair -- how do you even begin to choose? Let Shear Shark tell you what you should know.

  • What to Consider Before Buying Hair Scissors

    Before buying a pair of shears for your customer’s hair, think about their size and weight. The size of the shears is by far the most important factor. When buying a pair of hair scissors, you'll want them to fit just right. If your scissors are too large and heavy, they'll be difficult to control while cutting hair. This could result in some... interesting haircuts and unhappy clients. If your scissors are too small, they'll limit your range of motion and cause your hands to cramp. The majority of barber shears measure 5.5 inches in length, which fit nicely into most hands. However, if this is too small for you, opt for a larger pair. At Shear Shark, we’ve taken this into consideration -- our scissors start out at four inches, and go up to ten inches. You'll also want to look for a pair of hairdresser scissors with a semi-offset handle. These handles are ergonomic, reducing strain on your fingers, wrist, and arm.

  • How to Choose the Best Hair Scissors for You

    Most barbers will opt for a pair of high-quality stainless steel straight shears for cutting hair. Straight shears can do it all -- they can both cut, trim, and thin hair. If you're just looking to thin an unruly mop, consider a pair of thinning shears. Thinning shears do what they say on the tin -- they're used to thin and texture thick hair. Left-handed barbers can experience cramps from using basic hairdressers scissors, as they're usually made for right-handed barbers. You don't have to power through the pain! Look for a pair of left-handed scissors instead. In addition to this, look for scissors made from high-quality Japanese steel. At Shear Shark, all our barber scissors and shears are hand-forged from Japanese steel, so you're guaranteed quality.

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  • Why Buy From Shear Shark

    At Shear Shark, we believe that hairdressing scissors should be durable, ergonomic, and stylish. All Shear Shark scissors are adjustable, so you can find the perfect tension. They also feature semi-offset handles, to make cutting hair easier on you. Plus, who else can say that they cut hair with a killer shark?