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Shaving a person can be difficult. It takes a lot of time, and the sheer idea of a cut-throat barber razor in your hands can be intimidating. This doesn't have to be the case. Our range of Barber Razors has arrived, designed to give your customers that authentic barbershop experience. They’re barber-quality -- meaning that they’re used mostly by barbers.

Barber Razor Buying Guide

If the idea of a barber wielding a cut-throat razor evokes Sweeney Todd images for you, you're not alone. However, there's really no other way to get around it. Good straight razors are really the only way to get the full barbershop experience. It can also be the key factor between a clean, close shave, and a face full of razor burn. But where do you begin? If you have ever worked in a barbershop, you'll know that Turkish barbers reign supreme. This is why Shear Sharks have come up with the Turkish Cut-Throat Straight Razor.

Given the pandemic, you might not be comfortable visiting a barbershop just yet. This doesn't mean your beard has to suffer the consequences.

A Turkish barbers blade is a great way to create a barbershop experience. It’s made of Japanese steel, and is housed in a plastic handle. If you're looking to surprise your favourite wannabe-barber, opt for Shear Shark's Cut Throat Straight Razor. Its barber blades are made of steel -- just like Superman. It's also available in two distinctive colours.

In addition to this, it can be engraved, making a thoughtful gift that much more personal. For those of you who've grown out your hair during the lockdown, shape your locks with a Thinning Razor. Shear Shark even has a Finger Thinning Razor, for beginners who'd like some extra control.

How to Judge a Barber Razor Quality

Barbershop-quality straight razors can be found at various price points. However, an expensive razor doesn't necessarily mean a good shave. Here are some things to look for, when buying a barber razor:

Steel quality: Most razors are made from carbon steel. However, the best razors are made from high carbon steel. This keeps your blade sharp and is resistant to corrosion.

Temper: Blades come in hard, medium, or soft temper. A soft temper makes your blade easy to sharpen, but a hard temper helps your blade keep its shape for longer.

Grind: These are the concave indentations on your blade. A full hollow means your blade is sharper and lighter, perfect for a quick shave. However, beginners might need a heavier razor, with less of a hollow.

Why Buy From Shear Shark

As producers of high-quality surgical and dental instruments, we know our steel. We're dedicated to providing you with high-quality barber razors, at an affordable price point. At Shear Shark, we believe that shaving using razor blades should be pleasant. Whether you're starting out, or if you're a professional barber, Shear Shark has the perfect razor blades for you.

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