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Barber Apron

As a barber, your definition of living dangerously is probably working without an apron. Putting on your barber apron before starting your shift is a ubiquitous part of the barbershop experience. From custom leather aprons to disposable plastic sheets, there's a barber apron out there for everyone. Shear Shark's range of aprons blends style and function -- bringing you durable, snazzy aprons.

Why Buy a Barber Apron?

If you've ever been caught out without a barber apron, you'll know why they can be important. Working as a barber exposes you to bleach and hair dye, every single day. For example, bleach spots on your black t-shirts, or flecks of hair dye on your favourite pair of jeans are just hazards of the job. In addition to this, the idea of being covered in someone else's hair doesn't sound very appealing. That's why you need a barber apron. Good barbering aprons will protect your OOTD from stray flecks of dye and bleach.

How to Choose the Right Barber Apron

Thankfully, a barber is no longer solely identified by his red-and-white checkered barber apron. There are a variety of aprons on the market. We understand that choosing the right barber apron can be daunting, but it all comes down to the fabric. Here's what to look for and what to avoid:

Look for:

Coated aprons: These aprons are coated with wax, and are made from cotton, canvas, denim, or linen. This process doesn't just make the aprons waterproof, but it also preserves their colour. If that sounds good to you, check ours out here.

Leather: Let's face it -- a leather heavy duty apron just looks cooler. It also ages well, developing a patina that only adds to its appeal. Additionally, a heavy duty leather barber apron is naturally resistant to hair dye.

Synthetic fabric: If you're looking for a durable barber apron for the long haul, look no further. Synthetic aprons are often slick, meaning that hair will slide right off. They're also waterproof, so they'll protect your clothes and keep you dry.

Shear Shark's range of barber aprons come in a variety of fabrics. We’ve got aprons made from leather, coated fabrics, denim -- and more! All our aprons are resistant to water, hair, and dye.

Our leather barber apron can be spot-cleaned and has a variety of pockets for your hair-cutting tools. For the hot summer months, we've also got a shorter, more breathable leather apron.

If you're eliminating leather products from your wardrobe, we have you covered with an apron made from rexine. It comes in two colours and is fully-adjustable.

That's not all. We also have an apron that can be customised. Yes, it is your barber apron, and yes, it does have your name on it.

In addition to this, Shear Shark aprons come in a variety of cuts. We’ve got full aprons, to protect your entire outfit, and designer vests with handy tool pouches. There’s an apron for everyone!

Why Buy From Us?

At Shear Shark, we believe that barbers can be stylish.

After all, barbers are the cornerstone of society -- bringing us fresh fades and sharp beard lineups when we need it most. Why shouldn't they express that themselves?

Our barber aprons don't dilute your style -- they elevate it.

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