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Barber Capes & Gowns

While good barber skills are essential in keeping clients happy, barber capes and gowns are a close second on that list. Nobody wants cold water dripping down the back of their neck, but sometimes, it's inevitable. However, a good cape or gown can stop that from happening. Plus, they also protect your clients' outfits from an avalanche of hair. If you're in the market for some capes and gowns, but don't know where to begin, look no further! Shear Shark has you covered. Our barber capes are used by professionals, and can be customised to include the name and logo of your barbershop.

Barber Capes and Gowns Buying Guide

Not all barber capes are created equal. An expensive cape or gown might not be the best option. Plus, do you really want to pay an exorbitant amount for something that's going to fade and discolour over time? Thankfully, there are a variety of online shops -- like Shear Shark -- dedicated to providing you with affordable, quality capes. If you're thinking of purchasing a set of barber gowns, here's what you should remember:

Budget: When buying a barber cape, factor in your budget. Don't be afraid to leave yourself a little wiggle-room. These capes are supposed to be tough -- it's okay to pay a little more for better quality and features.

Comfort: Take feedback from your clients into consideration. If your clients complain that the capes are too scratchy or heavy, listen to them. Avoid this altogether by looking out for lightweight capes and gowns with positive reviews! Consider Shear Shark’s barber capes that come with a soft, comfortable neck seal.

Durability: Barber capes and gowns come into contact with hair, chemicals, and dye on a daily basis. They need to be washed constantly. This means that capes made from cheaper materials won't hold up as long. Therefore, choose a durable cape -- one you know will stand the test of time. Side note -- if washing and cleaning isn't your thing, look into disposable capes!

Protection: The cape protects your client from stray drops of hair dye or water. It also stops them from being covered in their own hair. Keep an eye out for waterproof, hair-resistant capes. We promise -- they're game-changing!

How Will They Improve Customer Experience?

A barber cape or gown can make or break your client's experience. While shedding a few locks is part and parcel of going to the barber, coming away with a brand new hairshirt isn't part of the bargain. A good cape or gown will keep your client comfortable during their haircut. It'll stop cold water from dripping down the back of their necks, protect their clothes from dye, and ensure that they aren't covered in hair by the time you're done. At Shear Shark, we highly recommend our neoprene capes. Made with the best quality materials, they come with an adjustable rubber neck. Create and enhance the best possible experience for clients and for professionals, with our smooth, soft, water-resistant materials and neoprene neck seal.

As a barber, you’ll know that when your client is comfortable, they're less likely to flinch. This means you'll be able to avoid any unfortunate incidents and hair disasters. Plus, barber capes and gowns come in a variety of designs and colours. Any new customer you have will be comfortable with any of our products. Why not get one that'll proclaim your amazing fade game skills? We created our signature capes to allow clients to enjoy their hair care experience any time of the day, without hair fragment irritation. Our capes can be totally customized to your desired design requirements. Normally with any personalization for Gown, Capes or T-Shirts, it could take weeks, but at Shear Shark, we have the ability to design, print and deliver any number of gowns or T-Shirts within 5 working days, there is no one out there who could offer this type of service.

Why Shear Shark Is the Best for Barber Gowns and Capes

At Shear Shark, we understand that finding a great, inexpensive barber cape isn't easy. This is why we're happy to supply barbers with a huge selection of high-quality capes. All our capes and gowns are waterproof and hair-resistant. They also come with different necklines, because we understand that one size doesn't fit all. Shop our range here.

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