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Barber Equipment

Barber equipment doesn't just mean scissors, clippers, and razors. If you hustle hard, you'll know how easy it is to misplace your equipment in a barbershop. Everyone's told you to keep your barber products in one place, but sometimes, that's just not possible. That's not even the worst part -- barber equipment can encompass anything from extra razor blades to jars of pomade to a smorgasbord of combs. Keeping everything organised is difficult, but at Shear Shark, we're here to help.

What to Look for When You Buy Barber Equipment

We understand -- you probably want to decrease the number of barber products and materials you own. However, when that's not possible, consider organising your barbering equipment instead. Organising your workstation means you're less likely to misplace things. This also means you'll have more time to focus on cutting hair, instead of searching for your clippers. Adding a multi-pouch or shears wallet to your collection might sound counterproductive, but you'll be surprised at how much it can improve things! Instead of putting your scissors down on the nearest available surface, slip them into a tool belt. You'll always know where they are. Generally, you'll want a pouch that's lightweight, as it'll be strapped to you all day. It should also be made out of a material you can spot-clean, like leather. Finally, you'll want your pouch to be durable -- especially since it'll house your precious clippers!

Will These Barber Equipment Improve Your Customer Experience?

Watching a barber sharpen a cut-throat razor on a leather strap can be impressive. It also adds to the experience when a barber dries your face with a fresh, fluffy towel. At Shear Shark, we'd have to say that certain barber equipment can definitely improve your customer's experience. For example, our shears holder means that you'll never waste valuable barbering time looking for your special pair of scissors. It'll also help you keep your barber equipment organised and in one place. Let's be honest -- if your scissors, clippers, and barbering blades are in your pouch, and your pouch is strapped to you, there's no chance of your colleagues "borrowing" your equipment, is there? In addition to this, you'll want to consider adding a stack of disposable face masks to your stash of barber equipment. We're all doing our bit under the new normal, but sometimes, clients can forget to bring them. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it'll also keep everyone in the vicinity safe.

Why Buy From Shear Shark?

At Shear Shark, we want to enable barbers to be their best selves. Fumbling for your scissors or searching for a new set of barber blades just makes you look unprofessional in front of clients. This is why we want to give you the equipment you need. From stylish pouches and holders, good sets of razor blades, and disposable face masks, Shear Shark has you covered.

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